In 2008, The North Face launched The North Face 100® Ultra Trail Challenge Series in Asia-Pacific Region.


In 2009, The first edition of “The North Face 100® Ultra Trail Challenge Beijing” inaugurated along the Juyongguan Pass of the Great Wall, Changping district, Beijing which was the first ultra distance trail race in China.


In 2013, the 5th edition race changed the course to Mentougou district which offered a new experience for the professional runners of 50km and 100km.


In 2014, the 6th edition race adjusted the course again to the Phoenix Mountain, Haidian district which was designed by the famous Chinese Ultra Runner YUN Yanqiao who is sponsored by The North Face and gained many titles in domestic events. The new course linked up many famous mountains in western Beijing and made it became the most challenging race among the Asia-Pacific Region.


In 2015, the 7th edition race added two new distances in 10km and 25km as well as adjusted the start time and cut-off. Especially for the start time of 50km has turned into the midnight which designed to emphasize the importance of runner’s dark running technique and gear during the race.


In 2016, going along with the trends of marathon and trail running in flourishing, the 8th edition race maintained the time set of the 50km and add a relay race which was aimed at promoting the race to a wider range of people and let The North Face 100® be the first trail race in the newbie’s running life.


In 2017, the 9th edition race came into use the Live Trail timing system which was created by UTMB in 2004 and specially used for the long-distance trail race. The Timing Chip System includes two pieces of chips, one sticks to the back of the bib and the other ties on the pack which is the double assurance for time recording of this race.


From 2016 to 2017, The North Face launched the Outdoor Training project to provide a chance for more runners to join the trail running training. They cooperated with some best fitness institution and team like One Season Boot Camp and Keep (An App) to open training sessions for more people. Whatever in Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou, all entrants can participate in training by the App or gym.


The North Face® is a top outdoor brand which inherited the idea of “Never Stop Exploring to hold trail running races all over the world. It has been the title sponsor of the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) for 10 year which is many trail runner’s final goal. They also sponsored The North Face Endurance Challenge® Race Series in America which were also super attractive. In Asia-Pacific Region, The North Face 100® has become one of the biggest race series which include 6 races in China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and Thailand.